Your ads in top mobile apps

Why mobile advertising?

  •  24/7 prime-time.
  •  Precise focusing - advertising to a particular user, deep targeting.
  •  Interactive channel. After viewing ads and clicking the banner, user immediately passes to the mobile site where he can interact with the advertiser online.
  •  Advertising on mobile site is more visible, even in the text link format it covers 10-20% of the screen, and in the format of a banner - 30%.
  •  Target contact with the audience.
  •  Extremely low costs of contact with the audience, as compared with alternative ways of promotion.
  •  Mobile advertising allows advertisers to cover a large and new audience.
  •  Mobile advertising is perfect for the launch of new brands and products, support of new films and audio innovations, introduction of consumers to innovative technologies, sale of content, involvement in interactive services etc.


Placement in top mobile apps and websites
Price, capacities and opportunities of mobile advertising have a significant advantage as compared to the customary methods of promotion (outdoor, TV, press, etc.)
Capacity of the advertising platform in Azerbaijan is 100 mln views per day on mobile devices

Our platform offers boundless Possibilities of accurate targeting on an intended audience by:

  •  Mobile carriers
  •  ISP
  •  Age and gender
  •  Interests of users
  •  Mobile phone models and device types
  •  Operating systems
  •  GPS coordinates, with precise indication of the geozone
  •  Mobile applications and application categories
  •  Days and times of day

Supported Ad formats:

  • Standart

  • Rich Media

  • Interstitial

  • Push Ads

  • Icon Ads

  • Dialog Ads

  • Ingame Overlay Ads


We will help you to get your brands closer to the target audience

Mobile advertising is ideal to cover modern mass-market audience.

  • Vehicles
  • Activities and events
  • Fast food
  • FMCG
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sport and Fitness

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